Richmond Football Club

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The recent success of the Richmond Football Club comes as no surprise. We were there in 2011 helping one of Melbourne’s most famous AFL clubs revisit its brand and to map out its path to sustained glory.

We involved the whole team throughout the brand strategy process, including external stakeholders, to ensure the new brand was united and represented the club’s core values on and off the field. The process forced the club to answer questions about what it stood for and where it wanted to be.

We can’t underestimate the role that branding plays in the success of a sports club, both as a team and as a business.

Following the research phase we worked with the club to develop a new brand mark, collateral and motion graphics. We wanted our design for the new Tiger brand mark to honour the heritage of the club to give supporters a real story to hold on to. The pose of the new tiger stands proud and confident and portrays the perfect balance of skill and strength.

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