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If ever there was a fitting icon for a brand identity, it’s racing’s champion mare Black Caviar, unbeaten in her 25 starts and a four-time world champion. With Peter Moody training and Luke Nolan in the saddle, success was non-negotiable.

It’s these traits that we channelled when creating the new unified brand identity for Victorian Thoroughbred Racing, and it’s these traits, which made the new brand, ‘Racing’, a resounding success.

The brand identity conveys the thrill, excitement and exhilaration of horse racing and formed part of a wider strategy that aimed to make it easier for consumers to navigate the sport.

It was launched in conjunction with a new digital platform, as well as across the Spring Racing Carnival marketing campaign. The customer focus of the new brand helped the sport of racing have a greater presence in the crowded entertainment marketplace and increased year round engagement, attendance at race days, and the number of club memberships.

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