Peter Mac

World’s best
in cancer care

Over the course of our enduring relationship with Peter Mac we have watched them move from out-dated facilities into the gleaming new Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Parkville.

When we first met with Peter Mac, their brand had little to no international recognition as a global player in Cancer Research. We worked as partners with the organisation to develop a brand strategy and a new brand identity that helped their brand soar as a Melbourne icon and is now recognised on the global stage as one of the world’s leading Cancer Research Centres.

We began by interviewing internal and external stakeholders and distributing an online staff survey followed by a workshop with the senior executive team and selected employees to present our findings and discuss the ambitions of the brand.

Based on the outcomes of the workshop, we developed a new vision, positioning and new brand mark for Peter Mac.

Brand Positioning:
Breaking new ground.
Changing lives.

We presented the new identity and positioning to internal and external stakeholders, patients, carers and families for brand testing and alignment.

The success of Peter Mac came as no surprise to us, as during the interview and workshop phases of the project, the support for the new brand identity was so extraordinarily widespread across its vast number of external and internal stakeholders that it was bound to be successful.

We still continue to work with Peter Mac on a range of collateral and ongoing brand communication strategy.


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